Download speeds of 330Mbps are coming soon. Are you ready for G.fast?

Customers want their broadband to be affordable as well as fast and we will be able to do that using G.fast.

Gavin Patterson

CEO, British Telecom

What is G.fast?

G.fast will be the next superfast internet product available to businesses. It is currently being tested throughout the UK. It utilises the fibre cables to your Openreach street cabinet and then passes over your existing copper telephone wire. That’s no different to a typical fibre broadband service, but with G.fast when it gets to your copper phone line, it passes over a higher frequency allowing for faster speeds.

Download speeds up to 330Mbps

Uses existing copper telephone connections

Most of the UK will be covered by 2025

Reaching approx. 29 million premises by 2029

What does the future hold?

G.fast is just the beginning. In OptaNet, we are already talking about XG.fast. There are already tests by Bell Labs taking place and they are managing to get over 10Gbps over existing copper. These are in lab conditions and there are very few requirements from residents of businesses for 10Gbps download speeds. But what this does tell us, is that there is a clear path for the future of internet connectivity. It will use existing infrastructure too, so the costs to Openreach will be much lower than delivering fibre directly into every building in the country. You heard it here first.